For Such a Time!

For Such a Time!

As a youth pastor I see girls struggle with self image all the time. I wish girls could see themselves as God sees them. They are all created beautiful. That girls would see that their self worth shouldn’t be based on whether boys find them beautiful or not, but true self worth can only be found when girls find their identity in God and living out the way He has uniquely gifted them. My prayer today is that the girls in my youth group would realize that God has gifted them uniquely for this time in this generation to be a blessing to the world and those they come in contact with. My advice is to live life that celebrates the gifts and talents that God has in trusted you with and then you will find true joy and happiness … P.S… If boys want you to change who you are for them then they are not the kind of boys (men) you need to have as boyfriends, or as partners for life. Boys (Men) with honor will fall in love with the way that God has created the whole you, not just your physical beauty!!!


2 thoughts on “For Such a Time!

  1. Beautiful page and wonderful verse. I’ll have to save that for my Chapel Kids group. Have you ever read “Reviving Ophelia”? It’s a really good book about what’s going on with the younger generations of girls.

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