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The Valentines Dance

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As the father of 3 daughters every year since they were in middle school they would start preparing for the Valentines dance.    I always loved those times.  I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughters.  I remember we would start looking for those special dresses as soon as Christmas was over.  I would stand for hours holding dresses and handbags as they all congregated in the dressing room and would one by one come out and model each dress.

Every time they came out I was reminded of them  being little girls and playing dress up!  They would always ask me if I thought they  looked pretty?..  They are such beautiful young women now and I don’t get to go shopping with them much any more.   While Valentines is always associated with romantic love and I am still madly in love with my wife of 25 years, I am also caught up in the nostalgia of 3 other young ladies who captured my heart from the moment I laid eyes on them.

When I saw Tims inspiration I knew what I wanted to do.  I had just purchased the model stamps from Tims new collection because they were funky and different.   I was interested in how could those fit in to Tims normal grunge aesthetic and this is what I came up with.

Tim Holtz Feb 2015 tag pu closeMichelle and I have always stressed to our daughters that they are not defined by a Boy (while a significant others can make life special) and your attire is only an accessory to the natural beauty that is found from being a strong confident woman.   You must believe in yourself and dream big because you only live once so make what you do count for something that makes this world and those around you better…

Tim Holtz Feb 2015 tag

My WISH is that their life will be filled with beautiful memories just like the ones I have!

ps.  If you look real hard you may see cracked Pistachio!.  (thanks to My Hearts Fancy in OKC)

This past summer I had the opportunity to walk one of my twins down the aisle as I presented her to a wonder young man who I think is almost as crazy about her as I am…  I was excited that she included me in helping purchase that special dress…  She was beautiful and so were my other two daughters in the dresses that I got to help them pick out!  I thought I would include a couple of pictures so you could see why I am a proud Dad!

Cummings-405Cummings-230Cummings-234 Cummings-243 Cummings-293 Cummings-820

The wonderful pictures were done by Oh My dear photography.   They are the best if you are in need of a photographer in the OKC area.   http://www.ohmydearphotography.com/

Bethanys Bridal Journal

Today it is time to show you Bethany’s Bridal Journal I made her.   Bethany has always wanted a winter wonderland weeding so her and Matthew are planning a December wedding.  It is hard for me to believe that those sweet little twins that we brought home 22 years ago are ready to graduate college and get married.  I am so proud of both them. 

Bethany wants to use red and green as her wedding colors so I had to do my best to give her journal a little winter character.

Bethany’s Cover


Pull out page to list the Bridal Party


Grooms Page… Matthew is a Med Student so had to add something scientific for him… ImageImageImage


Back Cover

Brittanys Bridal Journal

My wife and I have twin daughters who will be getting married this year. We are very excited for them and their future. Both young men are very talented, loving and caring individuals. We feel very blessed.

I wanted to create something the girls could use as a planning tool as well as something they could keep memories in. I hope they will be able to pull it in later years and enjoy the memories that we had in planny this very special day with them.

Brittany and Chris will be getting married in June of this year so I created her journal first.
Brittanys Bridal Book cover

This is the Cover. Brittany likes all things with Bling so I had to make sure the cover included some blinged out initials.
Brittanys Bridal Book page 1

The second page you see when you open up the book is marked with the date that this momentous day will take place.

The following are a few pages and pouch folders I created for Brittany to store memories, brocures or swatches in. I didn’t use any one paper line to create this journal but tried to use some of the colors she was thinking about using as she planned. I did have to include some of my favorite cutouts from Graphic 45. They always work well with other vintage papers. Brittanys Bridal Book page 5

Brittanys Bridal Book page 4

Brittanys Bridal book page 3

Brittanys Bridal Book page 2Brittansy Bridal Book page 6

Hope you enjoyed seeing just a few of the pages from Brittany’s Bridal Journal